Mindy McCorkle, owner, and Chief Enhancement Officer, has decades of management, operational, and leadership experience. She also owns Life Enhanced where she helps people live more satisfying and successful lives by providing articles, resources, digital products, books, and freebies to motivate and inspire them (and herself) to be their best self. She’s an author, having had a passion for writing since she was a little girl. Her writing style is conversational which makes it easy to read and comprehend; and she is committed to filling each page with meat, not fluff! Mindy is progressive in her thinking, innovative in her approach to business, and believes that just because something isn’t broken, doesn’t mean that isn’t a better way. Her books are part of her journey to help you enhance your talent, achieve greater success, and live a life you love. You will only see 2 types of books with her name as the author: beautiful quote books that are as inspirational as they are attractive, and short, meaningful self-development books. She loathes those 1,000-page personal development books that are full of fluff – as she says, ‘those things are 9/10 fluff and 1/10 meat; ain’t nobody got time for that!’ so she is committed to filling every single page with meaningful words and clearly defines the actionable items that you are looking for.