After a series of webinars in Summer 2020, here’s what attendees were saying:

She really knows how to pull you in. She’s so down to earth; not one of those uppity speakers who use a lot of big words to sound smart – she’s natural and REAL. Every time a session was over, I couldn’t wait for the next one.  I don’t know how she does it but she chops up traditional concepts and spits them back out in a new, contemporary way and I love that! She sounded a little like she had a cold during one of the sessions but she never mentioned it and it was actually one of the best sessions of all! A true professional!

Comments from a webinar on Likability in April 2020:

I usually hate webinars. HATE them. But not this one.  She is so engaging, even across the internet. she handled the technical issues like a champ! I’d always heard great things but had never been in one of her sessions before.  Wow – I have been missing out.  She’s got such a soothing presentation style and really makes you think about things differently.  Very energized after this session.

A few comments from CAM Candidates in the GFAA in February 2020:

Can’t imagine going through this with anyone else. Mindy is so patient and thorough; I’m not even worried about my exam! She really boils it down to simple terms so we can absorb it.  Kudos. Mindy has a way of taking the hard stuff and making it make sense.

After Mindy presented a webinar on Goal Prepping in December 2019, attendees had these comments:

Best webinar I’ve ever sat in on; I hope she does more!  The time went by so fast!  I’ll be honest, I usually work or mess with my phone on webinars because they are usually so boring but on this one, I couldn’t look away. Her visuals were intriguing and I felt like I was hanging on her every word.  Please do more of these short web-sessions – this one was wonderful!

After a Client Leadership conference in November 2019, attendees had this to say:

I learned so much from her presentation! Gosh, her energy and unique approaches are contagious – I want to hear more. I was excited to hear her because I had heard such great things about her and she didn’t disappoint. She really made me think! We’ll be talking about this event for a while.

A few comments from CAM Candidates in the Triad in October 2019:

 The Best Instructor we’ve had! Engaging & made info made sense for us. Best Teacher Ever! We love her! Surprisingly an enjoyable and well executed class. Mindy is an amazing instructor.

A few comments from attendees at a Client Conference in September 2019: 

I was so tired from the conference, I had planned to nap a bit during this session but NO WAY – her presentation grabbed my attention from the very first minute and I was hooked for the rest of the time.  Loved the audience interaction. She was the one on stage but I felt like we were the important ones in the room – she’s so humble and inspiring. Kind of felt like a bad girl in church because a lot of the things she talked about, I am guilty of but it inspired me to work harder to push past some of my bad habits. I can’t wait to go back and share this stuff with the rest of my team!

A few comments from attendees at a Client Team Event in August 2019:

I’ll admit it – when I got to the event, I thought ‘ugh, listening to a speaker for an hour is gonna blow.’ But boy was I wrong! The time FLEW by because she was so entertaining to listen to and her message was so unique and applicable.  Bring her back!!  She hung around with us before the presentation so by the time she got on stage, she was already our friend. That made it seem more like a conversation than a speech and made us want to really listen.

Attendees at ‘Superstar Assistant Manager Strategies’ at the GCAA had these comments to share (April 2019):

I’ve been a manager for 3 years – I just came for the CECs but boy did I learn alot!! Every office employee should take this class.  I have so many notes of things to do from this class; I don’t know how much my manager paid for me to be here but it wasn’t enough! She’s a great facilitator. I love that she got everyone involved and didn’t just stand up there and read from the slides like most speakers do. She’s a real professional.  Mindy has found her calling – she’s a natural.

Mentoring for Today’s Business World was a huge hit with the Houston Apartment Association’s attendees (March 2019):

I love her! I’ve heard her before and she was even better this time. In a room full of people, I felt like we were having a one-on-one conversation because I related to her style so well.  She is super smart and knowledgeable but also very approachable, not stuffy like a lot of speakers.

After the CAPS Financial Class at the PTAA in January 2019, attendees had these comments:

This class rocked. Love the presentation. I love Mindy’s presentation style and how helpful she is. She talks to us like real people, not ‘students’ and she genuinely cares!

Attendees at the Houston Apartment Association had this to say about “The Spin Cycle” in October 2018:

Wow, she is one smart cookie! I would never have thought about employee turnover this way; I’m going to be a hero at work! She made a rather mundane topic interesting; I learned a lot. The most valuable presentation I’ve been to all year.

Attendees at the Houston Apartment Association had this to say about “Before You Promote” in July 2018:

Very insightful. Love her style! Refreshing and entertaining. I didn’t want to be here but I’m SO glad I came! Her approach is so unique – we need more of her!

Here’s what attendees had to say about Mindy’s presentation at the 2018 Apartment Association of North Carolina Annual Education Conference in Raleigh, NC, in May:

Loved everything she said.  Awesome, time went quickly, so interesting.  Inspired me to look at my life/work differently.  Mindy is always a rockstar and I always take away innovative ideas.  Amazing and insightful.  Valuable points, and very upbeat presentation.  Mindy always gives a great presentation – very inspiring.  Very motivational.  Mindy is a great speaker and I always enjoy listening to her.  Always a pleasure to hear her speak, thoroughly enjoy her classes.  Mindy reminded us that the first responsibility of a leader is to “Define Reality;” today I realized I need to do this in my life, not just in my work – bravo! Always a great speaker! Great topic and have lots of thinking to do to change some things – loved it! Great speaker! Amazing; I loved her!

Here’s what attendees said after attending Understanding Your Property Financials at the Greater Charlotte Apartment Association in May 2018. 

Mindy has a gift to keep the crowd engaged & deliver the material with grace & patience; she made something difficult to understand simple and applicable to my day to day life – aMAZing!

Here’s what attendees said after hearing Mindy’s Keynote Presentation at the Triangle Apartment Association’s November 2017 dinner meeting.  The topic was: Six Steps to Transform the Way You Think – Same Old Stuff, New Approach.

Really loved your message! Lots of great tips. I always love your presentations! Love that your messages are always so inspiring and fresh!

Attendees at Inspiring Possibilities through Visualization (A Visualization Workshop) in Charlotte, NC – November 2017, had this to say about the event:

I love the self-reflection time and that it was a small group. I learned from others in the room, too. Very enlightening. Now I can face my fears and plan my future! Mindy was right – the process of how you make your vision board is what makes it work. This was a very important day for my family – THANK YOU. This was a heart searching and soul-bearing WORKshop focused around MY vision for MY life When I finished my Vision Board, I️ sat in awe at every picture, word or phrase on here because they each feel like a piece of my heart. I️ didn’t expect to attend this workshop and love myself even more afterwards, but I️ do! I’m incredibly excited about life right now and the next steps that are in store!! I️ cannot thank you enough for such an enlightening experience!

After Mindy presented Fair Housing for Today and Tomorrow (A customized seminar) to a large group of Greater Charlotte Apartment Association attendees in October 2017, here’s what they had to say:

Mindy was great! Kept it interesting & informative. As a vendor it made me more aware of how important fair housing is for everyday business. Info provided was current & helpful. The real-life situations shared, great interaction between Mindy & class- that’s what made this seminar so great! Loved the laid-back format.

This is what CAM Candidates had to say after CAM Fast Track in Asheville, NC, in October 2017:

Mindy is an incredible instructor. She has experience and knowledge to really apply the information to our careers. Her approach is so motivating and inspirational. Mindy was amazing and I am so thankful I was fortunate enough to take this class with her! She is a true inspiration and I will never forget all she has taught me!

The CAM Candidates present when Mindy facilitated the Property Maintenance module and conducted a course review had these things to say:

I loved her!  She should teach whole class.  Great teacher! 

Here’s what CAPS Candidates had to say about Mindy after completing the CAPS Fast Track in Fayetteville, NC, in September 2017:

Mindy took the time to explain the material very well. I enjoyed Mindy’s style! Mindy is a great instructor. Her approach is very thoughtful.

Here’s what CAPS Candidates had to say about Mindy after completing the NEW CAPS Fast Track in Arlington, VA, in June 2017:

I truly enjoyed Mindy’s presentation style. Mindy was approachable and set a comfortable pace. She kept everyone engaged; hats off to her for a job well done.  I really enjoyed her style. She kept good pace but always made sure people weren’t falling behind. She asked questions and encouraged participation. One of the best teachers I’ve ever had – I’ll go to anything she ever teaches!

Here’s what CAPS Candidates had to say about Mindy McCorkle after completing the CAPS Fast Track at the Greater Charlotte Apartment Association in May 2017:

I really enjoyed the group activities and interactions. Mindy is amazing! I love that she encourages open participation and made everyone feel their input was relevant and valuable. She was engaging and kept it interesting. I think Mindy is phenomenal! I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of having her as my instructor for the entire CAPS class.  I love that she fosters participation and encourages questions.

Here’s what CAM Candidates had to say about Mindy McCorkle after completing the CAM Fast Track at the Greater Charlotte Apartment Association in March 2017:

Mindy is fabulous! Very thorough and makes a point to make sure you understand. – She is great at explaining concepts. – Mindy is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. – I would sign up for any class Mindy teaches. – Mindy was wonderful. She is so knowledgeable and able to answer so many questions. I’m sad this week is over. – Mindy is absolutely amazing!

I was introduced to Mindy McCorkle with Enhancement at the AANC conference in May 2016. When the first word came out of her mouth I felt so comfortable being in her presence. She was a dynamic woman of excellence. She made the group feel so comfortable….

I knew then I wanted her to come to our company and train us on budget creation.  She was very informative and right on target on with what we needed. A budget is not an easy task, but after a moment with Mindy, you will be doing a budget with flying colors and no worries!

Jakki R. – Greensboro, NC

Here’s what CAM Candidates had to say about Mindy McCorkle after attending CAM Financial Management at the Piedmont Triad Apartment Association in September, 2016:

By far the most informative, effective instructor so in this course. – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! So real! So knowledgeable! – Enjoy her energy and feedback regarding all questions. I feel more confident in taking my CAM exam. – Ms. Mindy was the best teacher so far. I would take another class with her. –  Best instructor we’ve had so far! Great energy and knowledge! Let’s have her the rest of the time! Such a pro! –  Amazing! Very informative and engaging. – Very knowledgeable in teaching methods. Kept interest in teaching! Great class! – Loved the tips for the test and knowledge of how to make it easy for us to understand. Loved the review and actual practice. – Mindy was great at giving real life examples to put the context in logical sense. She took the time that was needed to answer questions and walk through the material.

Here’s what CAM Candidates had to say about Mindy McCorkle after completing the CAM Fast Track at the Greater Charlotte Apartment Association in May, 2016:

Mindy was patient and thorough. A phenomenal teacher! – Very engaging! Makes a seemingly daunting task of 5 class days in a row so much fun! – Loved all the interactive activities; Mindy is awesome! – She is a great teacher and coach! Her enthusiasm and passion show through her work.

Here’s what attendees had to say about Mindy’s presentation at the 2016 Apartment Association of North Carolina Annual Education and Legislation Conference:

I’d never miss an opportunity to listen to Mindy; she always delivers a great presentation and I come away excited and pumped up!  – It was over too quickly; I could have listened to her all day. – So engaging and she gets the audience involved, I love that!  – She’s always got new stuff to share, not the same old stuff like some other speakers do. – Always a hit! – She’s real and has a great stage presence.

Here’s what CAM Candidates had to say about Mindy McCorkle after completing CAM Fast Track in Cumberland County, NC, in December 2015:

Thank you, Mindy, for being the best instructor I’ve had in my 22 years in the professional workplace! – I didn’t believe it was possible but Mindy made the learning experience FUN! – Mindy is a great educator who captivates her audience with her power presentations. I would sign up for anything she teaches in the area. – Mindy was the best instructor I have had in any training course. This was a wonderful experience. – Thank you for making the class interesting and easy to understand. – Mindy was absolutely phenomenal! She ROCKS!

Here’s what attendees had to say about Mindy’s presentation at the 2015 Apartment Association of North Carolina’s R.E.A.L. Summit in May:

Very engaging! Love her passion. – I love how she involved the attendees in the conversation. – Mindy’s so positive and amazing! She’s very easy to listen to.  – Her ideas are outside the box; she’s changing the way we do things in this industry! – Fresh content, nice pace, great speaker.  – Her energy is infectious!  Enjoyed her presentation as always! – She has a fantastic stage presence; I love watching her.

Mindy is one of the most professional and engaging presenters and educators with whom I’ve worked. We survey our attendees after every event and Mindy’s results are always the best, and once you see her in action you’ll know why. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Jon Lowder  –  Piedmont Triad Apartment Association Executive Director

Mindy brings a type of instruction that reaches several types of learning preferences.  We can see this through the evaluations and feedback we receive from students who take the courses and seminars she teaches.

Carrie Langley – Piedmont Triad Apartment Association Education & Membership Director

It is usually enough for the instructor to be knowledgeable of the subject matter and to simply present, but Mindy uses innovative techniques that make the class not only informative but also a lot of fun.

Jason W.  –  High Point, NC

Mindy is engaging and entertaining. She presented the information in an organized and efficient manner that really allowed me to enjoy the experience.

Colin D.   –  Wilmington, NC

Mindy’s presentation of training material is professional, enticing and always in an upbeat manner.  Students have contacted me week after your seminars and classes to express their gratitude for being able to go back to the office and immediately implement new techniques.  We will gladly recommend you to any association or management company.

Catina Rhinehart – Cumberland County Apartment Association Education Director

I want everyone to know! I recently took one of your classes. You have found the most important rule of etiquette and I think it comes natural: the ability to make everyone comfortable in the class.  You know your material and thanks for respecting us by being fully prepared every day.  What I am saying is I really enjoyed having you as our instructor and I look forward to more classes with you as the instructor.

Bobby R. – Wilmington, NC

The discussions that we had in class were very informative, and I came anyway with the feeling that I really learned a lot. I would highly recommend her as an instructor.

Denise M. – Wilmington, NC

Mindy seemed to exhibit excellence in her role as an instructor and had a great knack for diplomacy while maintaining a strong sense of integrity for the curriculum being presented.  It is my true belief that in my experience Mindy is at the top of a short list of extraordinary instructors in the industry as a whole.

Lakeahia B. –  Greensboro, NC